The Voyage Out

The Voyage Out

Издательство: HarperCollinsPublishers



Автор: Virginia Woolf

Переплет: Мягкий

ISBN: 9780007925544

Серия: Collins Classics

Год выпуска: 2013

Язык: английский

Наличие: В наличии

Цена: 220.00 р.

The voyage had begun…

When 24-year old Rachel Vinrace embarks for South America on board her father’s ship, little does she know she’s just hauled up the anchor on an adventure of passion and self-discovery.
After a long gestation, The Voyage Out arrived on the scene in 1915, the first novel of burgeoning talent Virginia Woolf. Capturing the excitement of youth and challenges of life, Woolf’s novel contains the seeds of her future work: feminism, society, power, sexuality and death. Woolf herself is evident in the narrator’s satirical perspective on Edwardian society; her own life launched into new creative and personal adventures alongside the Bloomsbury Set, paralleling Rachel Vintrace’s attempt to carve her own entrance into the world.


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