The End Of The Battle

The End Of The Battle

Издательство: Hachette Book Group USA



Автор: Evelyn Waugh

Переплет: Мягкий

ISBN: 9780316926201

Серия: Sword of Honour

Год выпуска: 2000

Язык: английский

Наличие: В наличии

Цена: 1140.00 р.

Guy Crouchback, determined to get into the war, takes a commission in the Royal Corps of Halberdiers. His spirits high, he sees all the trimmings but none of the action. And his first campaign, an abortive affair on the West African coastline, ends with an escapade which seriously blots his Halberdier copybook. "Men at Arms" is the first book in Waugh's brilliant trilogy, "Sword of Honour" (comprising ‘Men at Arms’, ‘Officers and Gentlemen’ and ‘The End of the Battle’), which chronicles the fortunes of Guy Crouchback.

"The quality of the writing is, throughout, superb, and confirm my belief that Mr. Waugh is the best living writer of English prose." - Guardian

"Hypnotically readable." - Time.